Welcome to Briggs Preparatory School

Briggs  Preparatory School is a private primary school registered with the Ministry of Education and was founded in September of 1975 by Malcolm and Esmee Briggs; to offer an alternative approach to primary education. Briggs method is one of effective/creative communication and a student/teacher ratio which allows for a somewhat individual attention approach.  The Briggs’ vision that every child deserves an education regardless of creed, colour, class, race or ability,  is  still buried within its foundation and continues to be part of the legacy. SEE HISTORY PAGE.

Part of the Briggs’ policy that no child should be subjected to pass or fail at such tender ages for entry into  school  still remains, therefore, our method for entry is based on general assessment.  The student is invited to spend  some time in the proposed  class prior to entry (there is no fee) and his or her exercise books are examined to make an assessment for placement.

The programme at Briggs, for over 30 years has been one which meets the varying academic needs, abilities, nurturing of emotional intelligence, and understanding of the nature of the learning process.  We make learning a pleasure by first making the learner feel accepted and secure.  All classrooms are  air-conditioned with individual seating, thereby, providing private learning space and comfort, reducing irritability and distractions.

Briggs is  situated at #79A Cascade Road, Cascade, and is now owned  and managed by  Sarah Jackson-Wallace a registered secondary and qualified tertiary educator; Graphic Arts Communication Specialist and  author of ‘A Guide for Secondary School Students’ in association with the Ministry of Education, first published in 1993 (SEE PRINCIPAL’S PAGE).  Mrs. Karen Daniel is the current Vice Principal and Miss Sasha Martin is her newly appointed assistant who has worked with dedication and determination to complete her degree in Psychology.



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